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Building a strong

A Custom Approach

Flexible. Unique. On-point solutions.

Engineering Search Group serves employers who are looking to enhance their organization by building a strong workforce. We know that process looks different for every company.

We specialize in working with manufacturers to understand their needs, struggles and goals in order to design a solution that will grow their organization for a stronger future. Our full range of services can support your needs from a single hire to an entire workforce solution. 

A Higher Standard

A holistic approach.

Engineering Search Group represents companies that value high standards for engineer hires. We stand out in recruiting for positions that are challenging to fill, have specific technical requirements, or require a high level of discretion and confidentiality. Our vetting process is not limited to technical skill, but also addresses culture, personality and the intangible benefits a candidate can bring to your organization.

Holistic Approach
Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond

Why our talent stands out.

  • Candidates are not recruited through job postings
  • Candidates are pre-screened through an in-depth, non-biased interview without knowledge of an opening or your company
  • Recruiters dig deep to understand client needs in a way that goes beyond a typical job description
  • We manage feedback through the entire process, eliminate surprises and enhance the search every step of the way
  • We offer preparation, negotiation, and closing

Are you in need of outstanding talent?

Give our recruiters a call to learn more about how we can support your needs.